Career Papers of Commodore Oliver Norman Tugwell (b.1892) R.N.R.



Oliver Norman Tugwell (b.1892) joined the T.S. Mersey, training vessel of the White Star Line, in 1908 when aged 16. The collection includes the diary of his first voyage on the T.S. Mersey from Liverpool to Sydney, Australia and provides a detailed record of life on board as seen through the eyes of a young cadet. He describes all aspects of the cadets education and their life at sea. There are also a number of academic documents, photographs of the cadets and newscuttings. Although no actual certificate of discharge books survive, it is still possible to obtain an idea of his merchant navy career from various papers and photographs in the collection. From 1919 Tugwell served as a Lieutenant on numerous White Star vessels including the S.S. Tropic, S.S. Canopic and S.S. Ionic, on the New York to Bremerhaven service. Lieutenant Tugwell served with the Royal Navy Reserve during World War I and took part in the peace celebration march in 1919. He appears to have continued service with Cunard - White Star Line in the 1930s, possibly aboard the S.S. Franconia, and to have travelled extensively in Indonesia and the Far East. For further details see the attached catalogue or contact The Archives Centre for a copy of the catalogue.