Incised inscription on polished schist surface. Possibly broken from a naos or statue Round auction label stuck to the surface, with pencil annotation: 228/7. Purchased at Sotheby's, London, 20-21 & 24-25 June 1918 (R. Coltman Clephan collection) Lot 228/7: "Piece of a limestone Stele, with hieroglyphic inscription of Seti Ist, 4 1/2 in. long ; a Portion of an inner wall of a Sicillian (Greek) Temple, with finely finished head of a woman in relief, marble, 5 1/4 in. long ; a rectangular Granite Block from the sarcophagus of Ay (XVIIIth Dynasty) ; a limestone Slab, with bust of Taurt in relief ; a limestone Mural Fragment with man's head, 6 in. high ; and two other inscribed Fragments".