Case papers; Fraser v Nevins, Welsh and Company, ship managers, 1868 - 1892

John Fraser was in business with James Nevins, as Fraser, Nevins & Co., holding shares in several vessels. James Nevins was registered as managing owner of these ships with W. & R. Wright of Liverpool as ships' husbands. The partnership of Fraser, Nevins & Co., was dissolved in 1874. The partnership of Nevins, Welsh & Co., was then formed as ships' managers, including the vessels in which John Fraser still held stores. In 1886, John Fraser alleged that Nevins, Welsh & Co., had not been paying him the correct amount of profit from the vessels. The collection contains court papers from 1875-1891, correspondence between the plaintiff, John Fraser, and the defendants, Nevins, Welsh & Co., submitted as evidence in a disagreement over profits from cargo commissions. Voyage accounts, cargo commissions and accounts of the plaintiff, 1875-1887, were also received by the court. For further details see the attached catalogue.