Case papers; Fraser v Nevins, Welsh and Company, ship managers, 1868 - 1892



The collection contains court papers from 1875-1891, correspondence between the plaintiff, John Fraser, and the defendants, Nevins, Welsh & Co., submitted as evidence in a disagreement over profits from cargo commissions. John Fraser was in business with James Nevins, as Fraser, Nevins & Co., holding shares in several vessels. James Nevins was registered as managing owner of these ships with W. & R. Wright of Liverpool as ships' husbands. The partnership of Fraser, Nevins & Co., was dissolved in 1874. The partnership of Nevins, Welsh & Co., was then formed as ships' managers, including the vessels in which John Fraser still held stores. In 1886, John Fraser alleged that Nevins, Welsh & Co., had not been paying him the correct amount of profit from the vessels. The collection comprises of voyage accounts, cargo commissions and accounts of the plaintiff, 1875-1887, that were written for submission to court. They act as a useful example of vessel voyage accounts and give an indication of disbursements incurred for vessel expenses. Voyage patterns seen within the collection were common for Liverpool vessels during this period. Briefly they comprise leaving a British port with a cargo of Welsh coal and sailing for South America, normally Peru, India or Singapore and Hong Kong. Cargos coming into the UK or ports in north western France or The Netherlands, include timber from Canada, grain from San Francisco, timber and rice from India, and guano from Peru. Guano production involved the use of enslaved peoples and other exploitative labour practices. For further details see the attached catalogue or contact The Archives Centre for a copy of the catalogue.