Casket lid



Casket lid, with two hinge slots. Plain border; presumably a strip of gilded metal was once attached to it by the visible nail-holes. In the central scene, the Virgin (left) presents the infant Christ to the aged Simoen and Anna, identified 'ANA' on the side of her gown. Joseph follows (far left) with two doves and anonymous members of the crowd are in shallow relief (left and right. The Temple architecture, supported by four spiral columsn, in a triple baldachino in the Byzantine manner. Four smaller scenes: Top left, Moses receiving the tablets of the Law on Mount Sinai. Top right, Abraham about to sacrifice Isaac, prevented by the Hand of God (right), with angel providing a ram (left). Bottom left, Abel presents his offering of a lamb. Bottom right, Melchizedek, king of Jerusalem, brings bread and wine to the conquering Abraham. Anonymous bystanders in shallow relief (bottom right and left). The scenes have plain frames set within beading; an acanthus frame is round the whole panel.