Cat Coffin

Hollow wooden figure of a seated cat manufactured to contain the mummified remains of a cat. The coffin is made from two halves is held together by mortise and tenon joints. Some mortise holes are now empty. Cracks in the coffin reveal there is a bandaged packet inside. X-rays taken on 13 October 2016 revealed that the coffin contains a number of small bones , which are probably some of the remains of a cat. Modern fabric ribbon has been tied around the waist to keep the coffin securely closed, and it has been mounted on a modern plinth. The front legs are missing and the carved facial features are now worn, with tips of the ears missing. Acquired at Stevens's Auction House Ltd., London, 23 November 1920 Lot 395 "Three cats (in wood), rare, and three jackals" (1920 p. 20).