C.B.S. Engineering Company Limited, records



C.B.S. Engineering Co., Ltd., was formed in 1972 by the amalgamation of Crichton Brown with the Sandhills Engineering Co., which was brought about by the decline of ship repairing on Merseyside. Crichton Brown Ltd., was a merger of C. & H. Crichton Ltd., ship repairers of Birkenhead and A. & R. Brown Ltd. Four dry docks were leased from the Mersey Docks & Harbour Company, as well as diversification into general engineering and the building of fishing vessels. The company was taken over by the Laird Group in 1974 and closed in about 1980. See also records in Ellerman Lines Ltd., Miscellaneous Companies, reference: B/ELM/4-7. For further details see the attached catalogues or contact The Archives Centre for a copy of the catalogues.