Chip range

1982.984 DUP1


This coal-fired fish and chip range was used by Mr and Mrs Openshaw in their chip shop at 147 Rice Lane, Walton from 1925 until 1982. In 1982 it was believed to be one of the last coal-fired ranges still in use in the country and was reluctantly replaced with a gas-fired range by the Openshaws when the area was made a smokeless zone. Peter Morgan’s firm, ‘Morgan & Co. Tinplate Workers’, made the range at Cazneau Street, Liverpool. Mr Openshaw’s mother, Alice, who helped out in the shop, remembered choosing the tiled picture of a Scottish Loch from one of their catalogues. The fish and chips from Openshaw’s were well-loved, with people coming from miles around to buy them. Alice said customers would often ask her for the secret of her batter recipe, but of course she would never tell.