Christ the Redeemer in Glory with Saints

WAG 1995.285


This is a copy of a painting in Volterra by Domenico Ghirlandaio. The original was painted in 1492 in Ghirlandaio's studio and shows evidence of workshop assistance in its execution. The painting was commissioned by Lorenzo de' Medici for the Badia di San Giusto and is now in the Volterra art gallery in the Palazzo dei Priori. The rocky landscape in the background may have been meant to represent the famous sandy cliffs on the outskirts of north-western Volterra, the erosion of which eventually destroyed the Camaldolese Monastery (or Badia) of San Giusto. In 1485 the control of the Badia was handed over to Giovanni de'Medici, later Pope Leo X, whose only biography in English was written by William Roscoe, one of the previous owners of this drawing.