Cine film of transatlantic cruises, plus UK cruise and activities of floating crane 'Mammoth' in the River Mersey with notebook containing some details of the film and newspaper cutting relating to 'Mammoth', all taken by 'Mammoth' captain Thomas Lynch, 1



All of the cine films were taken by Thomas Lynch who was a captain of the floating crane 'Mammoth'. Film is Super 8mm safety film; colour, silent and positive. Two films of transatlantic cruises; -1 Southampton - New York possibly on QE2 c1970s; -2 Liverpool - Greenock - Quebec - Montreal on 'Empress of Canada III' c1967. A UK crusie -3 that includes Scotland with return featuring Liverpool with docks and bucket dredger c1970s. Three films featuring floating crane 'Mammoth's' activities in the Mersey c1960s; -4 'Mammoth craning locomotive 'Flying Scotsman' into a ship to travel to USA; -5 'Mammoth' with tug and -6 'Mammoth craning large pipe. Also note book with some of Lynch's details of the film taken and newpaper cutting Liverpool Echo and Evening Express, 16/06/1967, article about 'Mammoth' and includes photograph of Captain Thomas Lynch, captain of 'Mammoth'.