The Clay Collection, E.N. Clay, Goldbeater



The records and ephemera found in the house and workshop of E. N. Clay, Goldbeater, of Slater Street, Liverpool. Some of the papers relate to Clay’s work as a goldbeater, some to the breeding of dogs, plus various legal documents and miscellaneous catalogues and programmes relating to Liverpool and the surrounding areas. A significant proportion of the collection consists of deeds relating to properties both in Britain and in its former colonies; therefore the collection may be relevant to the history of the transatlantic slave trade. The collection also contains an A-Z of personal and business correspondence. Please note that when the collection was originally catalogued some reference numbers were not used. They have been included in this catalogue to keep the number sequence. The collection is stored offsite and will be recalled upon request. Please contact The Archives Centre with details of the items you wish to consult and to arrange a visit to the Searchroom.