Coffin Box


Box of a mid-18th Dynasty mummiform coffin painted black with text and decoration in yellow. The sides are painted with images of Anubis and the Sons of Horus, each named in vertical bands of inscription which begin from the head end of the coffin. On the both sides, near the head, are a pair of wadjet eyes above an image of a door that gave magical assistance for the dead to leave the coffin. At the foot end is an image of the goddess Isis with upraised hands, beside a column of text invoking Isis and the earth god, Geb. The owner of the coffin remains anonymous, the spaces for the insertion of the name on the lid have been left blank. Closely resembles many other black painted coffins with yellow decoration, which were in use from the reign of Hatshepsut-Thutmose III to the reign of Ramesses II. The decoration suggests a date around the reigns of Tuthmose IV and Amenhotep III (1428 - 1350 BC).