Coffin Box of Nesmin



The coffin belonging to the mummy of Nesmin, son of Ankh-hap (mummy is 56.22.79a). The coffin is mummiform with a gilded face mask. The decoration incised and gilded. A horizontal line of inscription extends along the lower edge on each side of the lid. That on the right-hand side consists of the utterances of a number of gods: Osiris, chief of the West, Anubis, Isis, Mut, Osiris, Lord of..., Min, Imseti, Hapy, Duamutef and Kebehsenuf (latter four being the 'Four Sons of Horus'). There follows the usual offering formula. In 1968 its general condition was noted as good, with some conservation work being not yet completed. Further conservation work was done in 2008.