Coffin Box of Padiamun-nebnesuttauwy



The exterior of the coffin box has layers of gesso and is painted; the interior seems to have a layer of linen on which decoration is painted, including an image of a goddess (Nut?) with outstretched arms along the length of the floor, surrounded by spells in fairly cursive hieroglyphs. The underside is decorated with an image of a djed-column. Along the thickness of each side are four mortise holes. The inside surface is generally in a poor state of preservation and there is 19th century repair, including a patch of material (260 x 115 mm) screwed to the middle of the proper left inside. Around the middle area of the floor are large patches of brittle resin and bandages stuck to the surface. The lid was fixed in place by four tenons on each side that fitted into mortices cut into the thickness of the box sides. Padi-amun-neb-nesut-tawy's long name is typical of the time he lived and translates something like "the one whom Amun Lord of the Thrones of the Two Lands gave". He was a relatively low ranking priest (wab-priest of Amun) who would have helped to carry the sacred statue of Amun, which was hidden in a portable shrine at festival processions.