Coffin; Eyes and Eyebrows Inlay

LL 5139


Pair of eyes and eyebrows, originally inlays on the side of a wooden box coffin. Egyptian alabaster eyes with obsidian pupils and red pigment to indicate the outer and inner canthi (each 125 mm in length). Pair of blue faience eyebrows (each 200 mm in length). From tomb 405 at Abydos, excavated by John Garstang of Liverpool University in 1907. Garstang recorded 15 items from the tomb including "fragments of wooden stuccoed coffin inscribed with blue paint", "wooden fragment with gold leaf" and a gold mount for a heart scarab (E944) now in the Garstang Museum of Archaeology, University of Liverpool. William Hesketh Lever was a member of the Abydos Excavation Committee in 1907. Eyes are mounted upside down in photograph.