Coffin Footboard (of Padiamun)



Wood cover from the foot end of a mummy case. Inner side decorated with a shen hieroglyph and outside with image of the deceased on the back of a bull. On the top edge is a patch of surviving decoration (painted plaster) with red and yellow bands against a pale cream/yellow. CONDITION NOTE 1998: Fragment only, loss of pigment, some cracking , surface loss, discolouration, surface dirt, some loose areas. Found in the collections in 1978 without an accession number or source information. About 1990 assumed to be part of excavated material from Saqqara donated by the Egypt Exploration Society in 1969. In 2021 it was noted that it does not appear in the list of finds donated to the museum in 1969. Because of the orientation of the bull it cannot be a match for the missing coffin board (M14000a) from the mummy case of Ankh-es-en-aset (M14000). Identification made in 2023 that it was part of the broken coffin footboard of Padiamun.