Coffin Fragment



Fragment of a base-board of an anthropoid coffin box (head end) with a representation of the deified King Amenhotep I, with beard and a short wig, atop which are horns, and twin feathers with a sun-disc, flanked by solar uraei. His shrouded body is shown overlaid with a bead-net pattern and he holds a crook and flail. Anubis who is shown as a jackal seated on a throne, holding a crook and flail. Name and title of the deceased are unknown. Along the proper right side are four dowel holes, one still containing a wooden dowel rod. In plaster, on the proper left side are traces of the curved edge of the coffin side. The underside is plain wood. Collected by Rev. William Frankland Hood on one of his visits to Egypt between 1851 - 1861. Wellcome Historical Medical Museum accession no. 30966, purchased at Sotheby's, London, 11 November 1924 (Hood Collection) Lot 138 "The fragment of a wooden coffin, with a figure of Osiris enthroned, etc, in bright colours on a yellow ground, well drawn and coloured, XIX-XX dynasty" - along with foot of a coffin, and two coffin ends with figures of a bull on white ground. Displayed: World Museum: Ancient World: Egypt Gallery (permanent gallery), 1976-2015.