Coffin Fragment



Fragment of a coffin prepared with plaster on both sides and painted yellow. Arched profile with convex side side decorated with a scene showing a human-headed Djed column, crowned and holding a crook and flail. One either side are human-headed Tyet knots, one representing Isis the other Nephyths, each flanked by a jackal seated upon a divine booth, representing the god Anubis. Above are two friezes of cobras and five short columns of text in green. The back is plain except for a modern annotation in ink, perhaps the location of where it was collected. Sold at Sotheby's 1923-07-31 lot 17/10: "A wooden Club, 2 ft long; two Bows (perfect), one (imperfect); a portion of a Staff, with remains of a bronze socket and a well-cut inscription of the XVIII Dynasty, praying for offerings for the soul of Tahutimes, "Servant of the Princess"; a wooden Sickle; a wooden Hoe; a fragment of a Head-rest, carved with figures of Bes; a Sheaf of about twenty Arrow-shafts of reed; and a large fragment of a Coffin, inscribed with invoations to various gods". CONDITION NOTE (1998): Incomplete, chipped, loss of gesso and pigment, some fine surface cracks, nail in back, green label adhered to surface with another circular label on top with pencil auction lot number 295/13 (or 73?).