Coffin Fragment of Arythetep



Fragment from one of the short sides of a Middle Kingdom rectangular shaped coffin. Decorated striped borders and with hieroglyphic text that reads,' The revered one before Nephthys, the lady of the house, Arythetep (aryt-Htp)'. Written in between the name of Nephthys and the title is a small addition of hieratic text written vertically. Marked in black on the front 181; and on the back twice in black ink 97. From Beni Hasan, cemetery below the Middle Kingdom rock-cut tombs: excavated by John Garstang of the Liverpool Institute of Archaeology, 1902-1904. John Garstang, 'Burial Customs of Ancient Egypt' (London, 1907) p. 218 "Tomb of User-y (?) and Aryt-hetep".