Coffin Fragment of Arythetep card

Courtesy of National Museums Liverpool, World Museum

Coffin Fragment of Arythetep


Currently not on display


Fragment from one of the short sides of a Middle Kingdom rectangular shaped coffin. Decorated striped borders and with hieroglyphic text that reads,' The revered one before Nephthys, the lady of the house, Arythetep (aryt-Htp)'. Written in between the name of Nephthys and the title is a small addition of hieratic text written vertically. From Beni Hasan, cemetery below the Middle Kingdom rock-cut tombs: excavated by John Garstang of the Liverpool Institute of Archaeology, 1902-1904. John Garstang, 'Burial Customs of Ancient Egypt' (London, 1907) p. 215 "No. 81...fragments of coffin inscribed with texts". There are four fragments in the collection that would all appear to be from the same tomb: 56.20.715-716 and 56.21.550-551.