Coffin Fragment of Tanetaa card

Coffin Fragment of Tanetaa


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Part of the proper right side of the wooden outer anthropoid coffin of a lady called Tanetaa. On the exterior an ornamental kheker-frieze runs along the top edge. Below this are ten columns of hieroglyphic text between coloured block-borders. On the interior there is a single right-facing vertical line of polychrome hieroglyphs between linear borders. The proper left side of the coffin is in the British Museum (EA 30360). Acquired from the collections of the Wellcome Historical Medical Museum in 1971 and accessioned in 1978. Auction house lot number on one side (number 869) refers to the Sotheby's sale in London, 12-21 July 1911, collection of F G Hilton Price. Object was number 11A in Hilton Price's catalogue of his collection. Other parts of this coffin are in the British Museum 30360. The mummy case of Tanetaa's husband is also in the British Museum (1893,0514.183); her mummy, mummy case and cartonnage case are in the Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago (30005). CONDITION NOTE (1998): Incomplete,previously screwed to case,old label pasted to surface,surface disruption,some loss.