Coffin Fragment of Wenankh



Fragment of the cedar wood coffin of a priest called Wen-ankh. There are projections at each end for dovetailing, which suggest this is from one of the two short sides of a box-shaped coffin. Carefully inscribed in sunk hieroglyphs that read in two directions. An illustration of the object appears on the frontcover of Joseph Sam's 1839 catalogue: 'Ancient Egypt: objects of antiquity forming part of the extensive and rich collections from Ancient Egypt brought to England by, or now in the possession of, J. Sams'. On the left side the inscription reads right to left: 'Said by the Osiris, the God's Father, the sem-priest belonging to the Festival of Re, Wen-ankh'. On the right side the inscription reads left to right: 'Said by the Osiris, the God's Father, the official of the palace, Wen-ankh' .