Coffin Lid

On display

Lid of a mummiform coffin. Black background with text and decoration in yellow. The dead appears with a yellow painted face and large black tripartite wig with yellow stripes. Below a broad collar of red, yellow and green beads supported by falcon-headed terminals is depicted the vulture-headed goddess Nekhbet with wings spread across the chest, holding shen-rings in her talons (hieroglyphic signs of protection). Below her is a single column of text, intended to be an utterance by the deceased. The owner of the coffin remains anonymous, the spaces for the insertion of the name have been left blank. From either side of this column four pairs of evenly spaced bands of inscription contain utterances by various deities. Along each length of the lid is a single horizontal line of inscription, with an offering formula invoking Osiris. Maximum height at the head end of the lid is 259 mm. At the feet end of the trough the maximum height is 383 mm and width is 440 mm.