Coffin Lid of Padiamun



Anthropoid coffin lid of Padiamun, made from sycamore wood, covered with gesso and painted with images and texts. The central scene shows Padiamun having his heart weighed by Anubis in the Hall of Judgement before Osiris seated on a throne. The inside of the lid is plain wood. Acquired by James Burton in Thebes, possibly in 1825 when he records in his journal that he saw a mummy for sale in the house of Piccinini the dealer. In 1828 Burton sent the mummy and coffins to Grove House, Regent's Park, London (in the care of George Bellas Greenough). The coffins and mummy were seen by the Scottish antiquarian Robert Hay (1799-1863) in Thebes, about 1826, and called by him 'Mr Burton's mummy' at this time. World Museum only received one complete sycamore wooden coffin (i.e., base and lid) and the bottom half of cartonnage mummy case.