Coffin Lid of Padiamun-nebnesuttauwy



Padi-amun-neb-nesut-tawy's long name is typical of the time he lived and translates something like "the one whom Amun Lord of the Thrones of the Two Lands gave". He was a relatively low ranking priest (wab-priest of Amun) who would have helped to carry the sacred statue of Amun, which was hidden in a portable shrine at festival processions. The coffin lid depicts Padi-amun-neb-nesut-tawy wearing a blue and yellow striped wig with a garland of flowers around the top of his head. He wears a dark beard strap but the beard is no longer attached to his chin. A broad collar of brightly coloured beads and flower petals covers his shoulders and upper chest. Below this is an image of the winged sky goddess Nut with her name, as usual, set above her head in a yellow disc. Below this the lid is heavily decorated with registers of images and text which are taken from spells found in the Book of the Dead. The register below the pectoral contains two representations of the god Khnumn as a bull, with an offering formula invoking him as "the potter" and "the one who fashioned the gods". Beneath this is a register with a vignette from the book of the Dead, ‘the judgement of the dead’ (spell 125) which shows the weighing of Padi-amun-neb-nesut-tawy’s heart before Osiris and a court of gods. At the centre of the lid is rectangular panel showing the jackal-headed god Anubis preparing the mummy on a funerary bed. On the footboard is a winged scarab and two wedjat-eyes. The pedestal base of the coffin is decorated with a frieze of hieroglyphs that read 'all life and dominion'.