Commemorative Medal - HM King George VI Coronation 1937 card

Courtesy of National Museums Liverpool, World Museum

Commemorative Medal - HM King George VI Coronation 1937


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HM King George VI Coronation 1937 OBV: Conjoined crowned busts left. Over: KING. GEORGE VI. QUEEN. ELIZABETH VB (on shoulder) REV: Enamel shield of arms in high relief on centre flan. On raised border over: BIRMINGHAM AND DIST WORKS AMATEUR FOOTBALL ASSN .. stamped sterling on lower field The coronation of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth was held on 12 May 1937. This was the day that had originally been chosen for the coronation of Edward VIII, before he abdicated. The Archbishop thought the Dean had given him St Edward’s crown the wrong way round, a bishop stepped on the king’s train and another put his thumb over the words of the oath when the king was about to read it but otherwise the ceremony went off very well. The coronation was commemorated by the issuing of official medals, coinage, and stamps, by military parades across the Empire, and by numerous unofficial celebrations, including street parties and the production of memorabilia.