Concerning Marriages No.6

WAG 6337


This print comes from Jones' first print portfolio of eight lithographs called 'Concerning Marriages'. The series was influenced by philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche’s (1844 – 1900) writings which suggested that creativity was powered by erotic relationships. Jones was also influenced by the writings of Carl Jung (1875 – 1961) on gender and creativity. Both Nietzsche and Jung implied that the union of male and female qualities were essential for artistic creativity. Jones’ prints illustrate this exchange between the sexes. The central figure in this print is a hybrid of the couple who appear throughout the series. It combines the woman’s bright clothing and the man’s fedora hat. It reflects Jones’ idea that ‘there are elements of male and female within everybody’s character.’ The ‘intermingling of the sexes’ is a recurring theme in Jones’ work. Other pieces by Jones that challenge the boundaries between genders include his painting 'Hermaphrodite’ (Walker Art Gallery) and ‘Man Woman’ (Tate collection).