Condom, 'Pasante'



This condom displays the red ribbon, a symbol for HIV/AIDS awareness and support for those living with the virus which has been in use since 1991. It was given out at Liverpool Pride 2015 by Sahir House to promote safe sex. It is now known that HIV/AIDS can be spread by vaginal, anal and oral sex with an infected person, sharing sex toys or needles with an infected person, through blood transfusion of infected blood and from mother to baby before or during birth or whilst breast feeding. In 2011, 95% of those who contracted HIV in England did so through unsafe sex with an infected person. By 1982 a number or HIV/AIDS awareness and support organisations had been formed with many advocating safe sex as a way of preventing the spread of the virus. HIV/AIDS was still thought to be a virus that only affected men who have sex with men until January 1983 when a group of women who had had sex with HIV Positive men were diagnosed as HIV positive.