Copy letter from emigrants (H. Chaplin, George Hall and James Hall and families) on board the ‘Garrick’, praising Henry Boyd.



Copy Board ship ‘Garrick’ Liverpool July 2/54 [1854] Dear Sir, According to your request we applied to Mr Boyd to put us in the best way of proceeding a ship to emigrate to America, and we cannot leave England without acknowledging the kindness shewn to us by that gentleman, and we beg to say we firmly believe that Mr B. study to the utmost the comfort of emigrants that apply to him. One of our party that was not ready to leave the country when we were for Liverpool, so that we went forward to procure passages for ourselves and him, but on his arrival in Liverpool was accosted at the railway station by what is termed a runner, who by a volume of falsehoods made him believe that we were started, led him away to an office, query, and there and then parted with all the money he possessed as the runner pretended for a ship that was to sail on the 30th June, but it afterwards proved she was not to sail till the 6th July, but we are happy to say that by the exertions of Mr Boyd by applying to the Emigrant Office the party who duped him was compelled to refund the money, and our brother was relieved from the imposition, and allowed to take a berth in the same ship, so that you see, Sir, we have cause to be truly thankful to your for sending us to a gentlemen who do sympathise with emigrants …..All we ask is that all who apply to you you will in your kindness direct them to Mr Boyd, to whom too much praise cannot be given. Yours etc Signed H Chaplin & Family, George Hall & Family, James Hall & Family from Hitchin, Herts.