Cosmetic Palette

Bird-shaped cosmetic palette of greywacke stone with central projection at the top that is pierced. The left side representing the tail is broken off. The head has a circular groove for the eye that would once have contained an inlay of ivory or stone but is now missing. Objects like this were used with a pebble to grind minerals such as malachite to make eyepaint. Marked in pencil on one side XX, and on the other side 3. Excavation not recorded but most likely from when Amy Urlin was part of an excavation team led by her brother-in-law, Professor Flinders Petrie, at Abydos, 1900-01. Compare with Petrie 'Diopolis Parva' (London, 1901), pl. XII (nos. 35-8) which Petrie dates to Sequence Date 50 - 40. Exhibited at the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, 1912 – 1915. A Glasgow Art Gallery and Museums registration label was stuck to the object, the loan number pencilled in: 39k-’12.