Cosmetic Palette



Cosmetic palette fragment, rounded at one end with two holes for suspension, marked in black ink B126. Sequence date 40-50. Previously described as being part of a fish shaped palette and from Hiw/Abadiyah (Diospolis) grave B126 but is actually from Naqada grave B126, described as a piece of a palette and drawn on the tomb card in the Petrie Musuem of Egyptian Archaeology, UCL [information supplied by Pablo Barba, 3 April 2024]. Wellcome Historical Medical Museum accession no. 58258: FISH PALETTE Portion only, stone, pierced with three holes. 3½ x 4 1/8 S.D. 40-50 Egyptian. Presented Sept. 1927 by Prof. Flinders Petrie, University College.