Cosmetic Vessel card

Courtesy of National Museums Liverpool, World Museum

Cosmetic Vessel


Currently not on display


Small narrow pot with flat base and narrow rim. Marked in pencil by the excavator, 980 A 09. Illustrated in Garstang Museum of Archaeology Abydos archives Neg. A. 486. Round sticker with blue border stuck to the surface with pencil numbers 99/22 [same as 1973.1.113]. Purchased at Christie's, London, 5-6 July 1922 (Brocklebank collection) Lot 99/22 "Nineteen small vessels, in arragonite and granite, chiefly from excavations at Abydos in 1909; also a marble rubber; and two fragments". CONDITION NOTE 1998: Chipped rim, crack towards base, surface dirt, residue in interior, label adhered to side.