Cosmetic Vessel



Kohl pot of polished anhydrite. Pointed base. Lower part of the vessel has a pitted surface. Label stuck to the surface with pencilled number 1014/4. Small label with inked number 2385 (or 2368). CONDITION NOTE (1998): worn, surface dirt. Purchased at Sotheby's, London, 26 June - 6 July 1922 (MacGregor Collection) Lot 1014/4: "A Vase, on a tapering base, with plain lip, 1 1/4 in. high, in blue alabaster; a Kohl-Vase and lid, 2 in. high, in the same stone, found in Tomb 482, at Abydos, in 1908; and another, with lip and lid of grey marble, 1 3/4 in. high, found at Abydos, Tomb 416, in 1907; all 12th Dynasty."