Cosmetic Vessel



Miniature kohl pot of a very small size with flat base, foot, shoulders, constricted neck and wide flat rim. The object is made of pale green coloured greenstone. Base marked in black ink 214 and 2357 (last digit may be incorrect). Purchased at Sotheby's, London, 26 June - 6 July 1922 (MacGregor Collection) Lot 1084/9: "A Mace-head, in brown-green and dull white marble, the inverted pear-shaped form, relieved on one side by the head of a bearded man, apparently originally with inlaid eyes, 2 1/4 in. high, Predynastic, unique; also six miniature Stone Vessels, comprising a Cup, with stem, two Kohl-Pots, a flat-bottomed cylindrical Vase, a deep flat-bottomed Bowl, in matrix of emerald; and a small Saucer".