Cosmetic Vessel with Inscribed Lid card

Courtesy of National Museums Liverpool, World Museum

Cosmetic Vessel with Inscribed Lid


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Cylindrical jar with accompanying lid labelled "eye protection" incised in hieroglyphs. Cylindrical jars with flaring rims like this one is a form generally used to hold ointment or unguents. Disc-shaped lid with a flat boss on the underside, allowing it to fit into the mouth of the cosmetic vessel. Purchased from the Robert de Rustafjaell collection by Randolph Berens at Sotheby's 20-24 January 1913 Lot 185/2: "a small ungentary and cover, in very fine alabaster, 3 in. high, the sides tapering towards the expanding base; on the cover an inscription (name of contents). And a similar vase, without cover, retaining the remains of its original contents and with the cartouche of Maat-Ka-Ra engraved on its side."