The Crucifixion Altarpiece: The Crucifixion (Central Panel) card

The Crucifixion Altarpiece: The Crucifixion (Central Panel)

L 928

Currently not on display


Central panel of the three part Crucifixion Altarpiece showing the Crucifixion of Christ (in the centre) between the crucifixion of the Good and Bad thieves, one looking down towards the large crowd surrounding the crosses and the other writhing in agony. On either side of Christ's cross stands his mother (the Virgin Mary), on the left, and on the right a long-haired young man in red representing St John the Evangelist. Amid the backgroung crowds are several other scenes from Christ's journey to and after his crucifixion. In the foreground with his back to the viewer is an elaborately dressed soldier wearing striped leggings, and with one stockinged leg and the other bare showing bulging varicose veins.