Cruise ephemera, mainly Canadian Pacific and Lamport and Holt.



Cruise ephemera, mainly Canadian Pacific and Lamport and Holt collected by Timothy Dineen, Wirral, originally from Ireland. Canadian Pacific Round the World Cruise 1930-1931 book. Lamport & Holt TSS Vandyck plan of first-class accommodation April 1935 and programme of sports and abstract of ship log 21st August 1936. Vandyck 'Carnival Dinner' menu 10 August 1936, Fancy Dress Dinner Menu 18 August 1936, and Farewell Dinner menu 20 August 1936. Olden & Loen shore arrangements for Vandyck Aug 1936, blank passenger information sheet in Norwegian. 1936 Voltaire & Vandyck Scandinavian cruises shore excursions booklet. Tourist's guide to Rome in French July 1937. Theodor Olsens Eft. Norwegian jewellers pamphlet, a Smaragd silversmiths pamphlet, a K. Hestenes jeweller advertisement for Norwegian cheese-knife in English. Bergens Husflidsforening Norwegian rugs pamphlet, K. R. Madsen Tourist store pamphlet and a C. Brandt Norwegian Furs in Bergen, Norway.Pencil drawn coloured panorama over Bergen fra Floien. Bergen Embroidery Store E. v. d. Fehr Mortensen advertisement. Vandyck postcard. Vandyck Concert Setlist 16th August 1936. Letter written in foreign language (presumably Norwegian) with corrections made in red ink. A sketch of a person holding a parasol from behind, on the back of a Vandyck embellished piece of paper. Elder Dempster Magazine No. 17 Vol. 5 March 1926. Ocean Times newspaper from RMS Andania 6 August 1937. Lamport & Holt line pamphlet of available Cruises in 1936. 1936 TSS Vandyck embarkation arragements for Liverpool. RMS Andania Programme of Events 30 July 1937. Abstract of ship log of MV Britannic. Photograph of a Woman Broad St. Studio in Bethlehem, PA. Advertisement for tourism to South America and South Africa. Canadian Pacific St Patrick's Day Menu SS Duchess of Atholl 20 March 1929, Dinner Menu 25th January 1929 117th Anniversary of poet Robert Burns, Duchess of Atholl Neptune's Gala Menu 2 February 1929, and (George) Washington's Birthday Dinner 22 February 1929 aboard Duchess of Atholl, plus another Atholl menu from 24 January 1929. TSS Vandyck Rules for Deck Games. Image entitled Description of a Slave Ship with illustrations of a ship's layout the Brooks slave ship, image of Hugh Crow, and an image of 3 ships entitled 'Action, in the night, between the Mary, of Liverpool, Capt Crow, and two British Men of War. Dec 1806.' Liverpool Echo article about Captain Hugh Crow december 1975. 55 Canadian Pacific Round the World Cruise Memograms each with a unique, sometimes offensively stereotypical, image relevant to the country (i.e Egypt has Camels on it): Japan, Egypt, Algiers, Gibraltar, Naples, The Holy Land, Athens, The Riviera, Funchal Madeira, India, Panama, Singapore, Formosa, Havana, Hawaii, Siam, China, Java, Sumatra, Ceylon, Manila, with relevant info sheets and images which were distributed by the cruise as memorobilia. In leatherbound folder there are over 100 more memograms depicting: Africa, Zanzibar, South Africa, Mombasa, the French Riviera, Dar-es-Salaam, South America, Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, Tristan da Cunha (The Lonely Island). (Presumably complete as mentioned on first page that the full collection is "more than one hundred memograms") memogram collection explaining foreign products and customs , maps and diagrams, and depicting scenes and excursions along the trip.