A deep cup, convex sides, slightly turned out rim and a double handle from rim to the body and a conical foot. The decoration is of the White Painted I or II type in matt brown paint: a buff creamy slip all over the body and two simple thick brown wavy band from the handle along the main body of the bowl. The rim and the foot are painted in dark brown and so is the handle. The matt brown decoration from the handle to the wavy line of the body seems to reflect the movement of the painter's brush. The interior of the bowl is also decorated in thin circular bands, along the rim and the lower part and a circular band at the bottom. The decoration is minimal, the dark brown creates a good contrast with the white milky coat of the bowl. The clay is rather sand y and vesicular creamy brown with some grit, evenly fired medium hard. One side of the bowl has lost its white coat, leaving exposed a very red clay.