Apulian deep cup (skyphos) with a conical body, a small round base and two side and horizontally arranged long handles attached to the area just below the rim. The base and part of the lowest body is in deep red clay slip and there is a white and red circular line outlining the base. The cup has a small chip by the rim and it was broken and repaired. The decoration is in the Gnathian technique with the overall body in lustrous black glaze and floral decorative motives in thick white. By the exterior rim there is a frieze with a continous wavy line inscribed on the shiny glaze. Underneath there is an ovolo band, and underneath that a band of vine leaves. The lower exterior body has three vertical branches of vines in white and yellow colour. The other side of the cup has similar decoration but less ornate. There is the inscribed wavy line by the rim but only three hanging vertical brances of ivy in thin white colour with two flowers in between the central and side hanging branches. The Gnathian technique involved the application of black-glaze with details added in other colours (white, yellow and red)