Red burnished pottery cup of alabastron form, the cylindrical body tapering to the rounded base. Plain rim. Slip vertically burnished to red. From the Liverpool University Institute of Archaeology 1907 excavations at Abydos, marked in black "18 A'06". CONDITION NOTE (1998): Rim chipped, pitted surface, crazing on surface, surface loss, surface dirt. The number 18 A’06 corresponds to a multiple burials described by John Garstang as a group of rectangular shafts forming a single group, and served by a mud-brick superstructure nearby. There are nine ceramic items from 18 A'06 in World Museum (nos. 1973.1.378 and 1977.109.97/98/107/111/115/127/132/135) a stone bowl (1973.1.244) and a fragment of a limestone canopic jar ( Destroyed in the Second World War were two ceramic vessels ( In the Lady Lever Art Gallery collection is a ceramic jar (LL 5618).