Customs Bills of Entry - Liverpool, Bristol, Clyde, Dublin, Hull, Tyne, London

From The Guide to the Records of Merseyside Maritime Museum, volume II - The Bills of Entry series for the major ports of Great Britain and Ireland have long been recognised as a major source for maritime ports, economic and commercial history. The Maritime Archives & Library holds the master set for H.M. Customs & Excise Library, originally at King’s Beam House in London. They were published daily by the Customs Authorities for the convenience of the merchant community. Each bill contains what is termed “ships reports” which are of great value in the study of merchanting. They contain details of all ships arriving in port and particulars of the port registration, the tonnage, master, dock, ship’s agent and last port of clearance, together with a full account of all merchandise carried and to whom it was consigned. Summaries of imports, exports and articles entering and released from the bonded warehouses appeared in every issue, as did information regarding ships entered outwards, ships cleared outwards and ships loading. The series is not a complete run. Some volumes are only available on microfilm. See Customs Bills of Entry, information sheet number 6 for more details.