Cylinder Seal



Gold capped stone cylinder seal with an engraved scene of seven standing figures, the central figure facing forward, feet splayed and wearing a long skirt as well as possibly a hat. She is probably the winged Mistress of the Animal and she is flanked by two standing lions and and two female figures on each of her side. The attendants are facing the central figure and are possibly leading a procession or a sacrifice. Standing lions also flank each of the female attendants. Scenes on these seals often feature a procession, sometimes toward a central figure, with one or more figures holding animals, sometimes with knives and other accessories that might be related to sacrifice. Buchanan described the seal In Swedish Cyprus Expedition Volume IV: ID, p.673:''two faced winged demon between rampant lions; on either side a worshipper carrying a gazelle. The demon holds the foreleg of the gazelle,the worshippers grasp the lions' tails. A figure with unregogniseable face is lifting the antelope. Beside the figure there is a second antelope rampant under sun disc. All figures wear long robes, the antelopes and gazelles have their heads turned back.'' The seal has a central hole only on one of its side and it is pierced in the middle. The golden cap is loose and has a stepped appearance. There may have been another golden moulding on the other side. The carving is intricate, executed with a drill and a graver and it is typical of the so-called "Elaborate" style. The seal is concave in section, like many cylinder seals (a feature that makes them easier to roll out in clay).