Decorative Finial



Carved ivory finial carved in openwork technique, in the shape of a pair of confronted lionesses who stand on hind legs, their front paws braced on a floral upright ornament, their chests touching; they seem to roar at each other with grimacing open mouths. Although slightly shallow, the figures are carved in the round, with open sections between their heads, waists, and lower legs/floral shaft. The shaft has a curved, bud-like finial; the felines’ leaf-shaped ears lie flat against their skulls, grooves mark large triangular eyes and wrinkles on muzzles, shoulders; the lower legs seem thin, but the piece is broken across lower thighs. Portions of the surface are eroded, and a green stain from contact with corroding bronze marks most of surface. Written on back of shaft, in black ink: a heavy dot above a 2, separated by a line.