Design for the Facade of the House of Francesco Da Volterra

WAG 1995.323


This is a complete design for the now lost decoration executed in fresco by Raffaellino on the exterior of the house of the architect Francesco da Volterra in the via di Campo Marzio, Rome, which he rented from 8 April 1573. The main scene on the façade was described in 1642 by the biographer Baglione as representing Virtue leading Hercules by the hand and going together with Genius towards the Temple of Eternity, Hercules being identified by the club he carries. While the other preparatory drawings in Florence, Lille, London and Munich provide alternative designs for the main scene, none shows the whole façade, including the colourful little putti clambering above the window frames, nor do they include the Latin motto, probably also painted on the façade.