Diana and Her Nymphs Asleep Disturbed by Satyrs (Album I)

WAG 1995.119


Very closely related to but not a full copy after a painting in Munich, Bayerishce Staatsgemaldesammlungen, inv. 344, of 'Sleeping Diana', formerly attributed to Rubens and Jan Brueghel, of which there is a painted copy, closer to the drawing, in an Italian private collection. For similar painted copies attributed to Jan van Boeckhorst see J Muller Hofstede, 'Rubens und Jan Brueghel "Diana und ihre Nymphen" ', Jahrbuch der Berliner Museen, X, 1968, fig. 15. [Mantegna to Rubens: The Weld-Blundell Drawings Collection (Brooke, 1998, p198)]