Documents re steam packet Elizabeth.



Correspondence, lists of expenses and other documents relating to the steam packet Elizabeth (1815-1848) and transporting cargo from Demerara plantations. Series of documents relating to the Elizabeth steam boat throughout 19th century: Letter with handwriting which is quite difficult to read and discusses a Mrs Watson, discusses communication from "Bueonos Ayres", refers to almost sent the letter via Captain Morrison of the Intrepid. Part of a notebook noting the casks of ships with their weight and number from 1824, letter from 1816. Letter discussing M. M. Middleton and the price of the Elizabeth Steam Boat, document which is a 1915 handwritten copy of he origial log of Elizabeth Steam Boat of July 2 1902, Naval Prize Branch letter to the Hargraves' family regarding an enquiry into pending prize money - address to a Mrs Caroline Watson on the account of late Mr Joseph Hargraves, Inspector's Certificate from 1846 (ship names illegible). City of Liverpool Museums March 1966 letter to Bruce Allan Esq. thanking for the donation of these other documents relating to the steamer Elizabeth. Transcript of a 1962 article forthe Liverpool Echo about the Paddle Steamer Elizabeth by E. W. Paget-Tomlinson (?)