Documents re the Straits Steamship Co. Ltd and British Iron and Steel Corporation (Salvage) Ltd, 1937-1942.



Correspondence, certificates, statutory mortgages, bills of sale and valuations re sale of vessels belonging to the Straits Steamship Co. Ltd. and British Iron and Steel Corporation (Salvage) Ltd. Letter to H.E. Moss & Co from Les Abeilles affirming close business relationship and wishing for future prosperity in 29th Dec 1937, a transcript of register for transmission to registrar-general of shipping and seamen of the vessel Talbot official number 136116 in 4 Jan 1929. Letter correspondence between F. J. Andrews Esq., a Captain Cohan, a Mr R. B. Wilson, and Mr Henry Robb at Henry Robb Limited, mention of vessel Brockley Combe. Another letter to R B Wilson from Hotel de Paris Monte-Carlo dated 30 Dec 1938 conveying best wishes and wishing for continued peace between Britain and France. Certificate of the transfer of Mortgage of the ST Talbot dated 21 November 1924 signed Custom House in Southampton. letter dated 31 May 1937 about SS Henry Lancaster. Letter regarding the sale of the steam barge "Crusader" to British Iron & Steel Corporation dated 12 Jan 1942. Letters dated Dec 1935 regarding the building of a ship, mention of tensions between firms due to delays in communication so building stopped for a time. Valuation of the Screw Tug "Toxteth". Letter regarding the sale of the SS Roma Nov 1938. Transcript of Register of ship 161936 Haut de Quarante 3 November 1930. Valuation certificate of the "Wild Rose" steamer. Small handwritten biography of Mr R. B. Wilson. Receipt and letter of acquisition of the steamer "Rosa" fir £1080 29th November 1938. Mortgage deed of the SS Roma 25 November 1938. Bill of Sale of the steamship Ben Rein number 120783 in 1937. Talbot Mortgage from 1923 and transfer of mortgage seal.