Documents relating to Dr Pierce O'Ryan (1908-1943), ship's doctor, Monarch of Bermuda, Furness Bermuda Line (Furness Withy), serving as troop ship, 1941-1943.



Dr Pierce O'Ryan, Born Dungarvan, Waterford, Ireland, 31 Jan 1908, qualified as doctor 17 December 1932, married to Winifred Elston, nursing sister from Leicester. Ill health prevented him passing the medical for the armed services, but he is able to serve in the Merchant Navy. Cartoons of senior officers (army?) onboard Monarch of Bermuda, serving as a troop ship, drawn on the back of menus from HMT Monarch of Bermuda, with some autographs on rear cover. Manuscript of a story written by O'Ryan for his daughters, 'The Leprechaun' and the envelope it was kept in. Note on the cover page reads 'The Leprechaun, completed 22 Oct 42 during training for combine ops'. Typed transcription by donor is included. Letter from Furness, Withy & Company Ltd, to Mrs O'Ryan, informing her of the death of Pierce on 20 July 1943 and his burial at sea (off Oran, Algeria). Letter from Keith Young, Monarch of Bermuda re medical care and death of Dr O'Ryan. Copy of a black and white photographic image of O'Ryan in uniform.