Documents relating to Tom Johnson, Blue Funnel. Account of experiences as POW [Prisoner of War] by G A Whalley, Second World War



Letter from Alfred Holt/Blue Funnel Line/Ocean Steamship Company marking the retirement of Tom Johnson, dated 28 February 1962. Letter refers to a pass that grants access to any Blue Funnel or Glen Line vessel in dock for Johnson and friend. Small blue pass issued by Alfred Holt & Company allowing access to Blue Funnel and Glen Line vessels, 1 March 1962. Typescript account marked 'Property of G A Whalley, Wallasey'. Records time spent as POW [Prisoner of War] held by Vichy French in West Africa 'A Brief Account of the Experiences of a British Merchant Seaman During His Internment in French (Vichy) West Africa', begins with sinking of unnamed vessel on 11 March 1941 [vessel is most likely Memnon, Blue Funnel Line] released 21 months later. The maiden name of Tom Johnson's wife, Mary, was Whalley. A George A Whalley is listed as a Radio Officer of Memnon, so was presumably a member of her family. See '' for another account by Whalley.