Dog with Slipper

WAG 249


Sir Edwin Henry Landseer (1802 - 1873) was an English painter, well known for his paintings of animals, particularly horses, dogs and stags. This is the latest of the Landseer works you can see at Sudley. It is also the most sentimental. The others ('Taking the Deer', 'Lake Scene' and 'Hunting Scene') are more visceral in their depiction of animals or the countryside. 'Dog with Slipper' does, however, show Landseer's famed ability to characterise animals through precise observation of their posture and behaviour. Here, the animal is seen patiently awaiting the return of its human, favourite slippers at the ready. Such scenes of canine loyalty were very popular throughout the 19th century. The scene depicted here is allegedly connected with a dog belonging to the Duchess of Bedford, friend and patron of Landseer.