Double Herm



Double herm, plausibly both individuals identified as water gods because of the fins and scales. The younger male is definitely associated with water, shown by the moustache of water-weed and a fish on the bust. Helbig suggested based on herms and terracotas found in the shrine of Diana at Nemi that the heads could be personification of lake Albano and Nemi. Bartman identified the piece as a modest version of a well known type of a young man associated with water but looking like a satyre and an older version executed in much more detail. The older person has similar facial features and a heavy beard with spirralling locks. The beard has acquatic plants in flat relief instead of hair and fronds hang from the lower lip onto the beard. Bartman does not rule out an association with the lakes as identified by Ashmole. The dual representation would fit the theme of transcience associated with lakes in Roman times.