Drinking Vessel



A wide drinking cup known as kylix. The decoration is of the Etrusco-Corinthian style and has been attributed to the Griffin-bird Painter. There is one main decorative zone on the Body of the kylix amd it is in white creamy slip. At the centre of this zone there is a bird in a side view and a type of a griffin bird in each of its sides. All the birds are painted in black slip with red colour details. The painter used incision for details such as the feathers and eyes. The central bird and griffin scene is repeated on both sides of the body of the kylix. The lower part of the kylix has decoration of black slip circular bands along its body. The foot is also painted in black slip. The interior of the kylix was also painted in black slip with a thin circular band along the centre of the interior body left in the clay fabric and outlined in red. The middle of the interior is in the fabric of the clay with black slip outilined circular bands. There are also thin circular bands in red along the interior of the rim. The horizontal side handles are in black slip. A small section of the rim is chipped.The black slip of the interior has falled in one area. Etrusco-Corinthian vessels are imitations of Corinthian pottery made in Italy by Etruscan artisans. Wellcome Historical Medical Museum accession no. 28422: Corinthian two-handled bowl with frieze of birds in brown and red pigment 7 ?" diam. 3 ¾" deep. Purchased at Sotheby's, London, 7 - 8 July 1924 Lot 31.